Google Maps on iOS Will Now Let You Report Traffic Incidents

Today, Google has added a popular Android feature for its Google Maps on the iOS platform. Incident reporting is now available, with users now being able to update regarding traffic slowdowns, speed traps, crashes and others.

Moreover, Google has added four new types of incidents you can add- disabled vehicles, lane closures, construction and road objects, e.g., debris and other things that could affect your driving.

You will need to update your iPhone’s Google Maps app to the latest version to see the feature. To use Incident Reporting, open Google Maps and run your route. Then, when you witness an incident, tap on the ‘+’ icon, then choose the ‘Add a Report’ option. Choose the type of incident and hit ‘confirm’.

Google is expected to roll out this new feature to all iOS and Android users this week, so don’t panic if you’ve updated and don’t see it yet.

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