Google offers Developers lower commission rate for Android Auto and Wear OS Integration

Google has recently offered developers a lower 15% commission fee when they add integrations for Android Auto and Wear OS in their apps.

Currently, Google charges 30 percent Play Store fee transactions. The company announced a program called Play Media Experience which encourages developers to work on apps to support other platforms such as Wear OS and Android Auto.


Outlined in the program are examples of how developers could make this happen. Video apps could have Google Cast, Google TV and Android TV support, with sign-ins and cross-device playback features. Audio apps could have Google Cast, Android Auto or WearOS support, etc.

Reading apps could have foldable and tablet optimizations, audiobook support for Android Auto and Wear OS, or thru the Entertainment Space platform.

The Play Media Experience also grants 15% to apps that have already made their first $1M which benefits established and large apps.

Apple could be offering something similar in the near future to boost engagement and app development interest.