It is beyond doubt that Sony and Microsoft are the only console-making giants to still maintain their empires. The two companies almost have a monopoly over the entire industry. However, it has become clearer and clearer over the years that Google has been wanting a piece of the pie. They have done so by launching a device or service, named Project Yeti.

Google Gaming Controller

In recent news, Google has registered a patent of what looks like, their version of a gaming controller. Which means, we get a glimpse into a possible Google-made console device.

Google's patented controller
Google’s Patent for A Controller | Source: USPTO

Looking at the design itself, it just looks like a complete rip off of a PlayStation 4 controller and there’s not much to distinguish it from any other controller we’ve seen before. Google’s possible “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” approach with their design of the controller is probably not a bad thing though. Over the years, people have gotten accustomed to holding PlayStation and Xbox controllers and Google might want to take advantage of that by making their potential clients feel at home. Also, a completely new design to a controller could turn off people from ever even testing out the device.

However, it is easy to just sit here and dissect a simple line drawing. Which brings up the question, how would the device look like upon release? Well, concept artist Sarang Sheth has taken the time to visualise the controller in 3D for our viewing pleasure.

The interpretation here of the patent is excellent and it is pleasing to see Google’s chromatic look captured within the buttons.

However, what is Project Yeti? and will we see this controller alongside a typical normal console device? Well, the details are still unclear, but it has been highly rumoured that Google has been working on a cloud streaming platform made specifically for gaming, similar to that of Microsoft’s Project xCloud, or Nvidia’s Geforce Now.

Google recently completed some tests in partnership with the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey allowing people to play the game within their Chrome browsers. Completing a feat like that is incredible to think about and goes to show what the future of gaming technology is capable of. Additionally, if Google can beat Microsoft and other gaming giants to the punch to cloud-based gaming, then it can definitely hold up to be a huge competitive threat to Microsoft and Sony.

What are your own thoughts on this potentially new Google controller?