Google Pay apps gets a redesign for Android and iOS


Google today has released a revamped Google Pay app for the Android and iOS, with emphasis on financial relationship management and keeping track of them.

Google Pay Apps

The updated Google Pay puts businesses and friends whom the user goes in contact with most often up front rather than a transaction list. There are tools that let the user calculate totals and split expenses with another individual. Furthermore, the app now allows for gas and food purchases, among others.

Google Pay will also have promo codes and coupons built-in and can be activated via tapping. Users who have cards and banks in-app can view spending summaries in a similar manner to Apple Card.

Google also intends to enhance the app by adding ‘Plex’, a bank account that will be integrated by 2021. Plex accounts will be offered by credit unions and banks and have savings and checking accounts with zero overdraft or monthly fees.

The revamped Google Pay is now available to download for free on the App Store.

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