Google recently tried to sway iPhone 13 users to change their home screens to look like an Android phone.

Bring the Best of Google to Your iPhone

The tech giant published an article, ‘bring the best of Google to your iPhone’ and recommended Apple users go with Google widgets and apps instead of the default iOS ones, such as Phone, Reminders, Safari, Photos and others.

The article further claimed that iPhone 13 users won’t ever have to leave their home screens if the right widgets are put on the home screen. Smart stacks can allow widgets to be put on top, and iOS will determine which is most relevant at any given time.

In the final section Google recommends iOS users to replace Safari with Google Chrome as the default browser for Spotlight web suggestions and system wide links. The company hopes that iPhone 13 users bring the ‘best of Google’ to their devices.

The full blog post is available to view on Google’s official blog page.


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