Google releases Chrome 73 with Dark Mode for macOS Mojave


Google just released the Chrome 73 update, adding the one of the most awaited features to their browser, the “Dark Mode”. Ever since Apple introduced a dark mode for the macOS Mojave, users have been waiting for this update for a while now. People that have already enabled Dark Mode on the MacOS Mojave should automatically have Google Chrome’s Dark Mode enabled on its own.

Chrome 73 Dark Mode

However, what do you do if the Dark Mode isn’t showing, or isn’t enabled? Well, you may need to update your Google Chrome browser to the latest version. We at iLounge have written a detailed guide on how you can properly install Chrome 73 or upgrade your Google Chrome to the latest version here.

So What’s New in Chrome 73?

Aside from the new Dark Mode, Chrome 73 makes it easier for MacOS developers with progressive web apps on Mac, Windows, and even Linux. This feature is going to make app development a lot easier and a lot more convenient. Additionally, Google has also added assigned HTTP exchanges as well as Constructible Style sheets.

Regardless, it is great to see companies finally realize how important it is to implement dark mode within their applications. Before this update, users were forced to either install 3rd party software, or install dark themes via extensions, which would get the job done, but was never an official replacement.

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