Tech giant Google has uploaded an unofficial explainer video to mock Apple and explain the lyrics behind Drake’s single, ‘Text Go Green’.

Google Rolls

The short Twitter video features a loop of the song intro and has several captions to explain the meaning of ‘Texts Go Green’. Messages in MMS or SMS format are displayed in green on the iPhone, and blue when the native Messages format is used.

However, there are also instances where a message, or a ‘text’ goes green, such as when the sender is blocked from the device.

Google’s video tweeted, ‘if only some super-talented engineering team at Apple would fix this’ to troll the Cupertino-based company.

It’s believed that Google was referring to Apple’s refusal to use RCS, or rich communications service as the default platform for messaging, which is implemented on most Android phones. Google even offered to help Apple engineers implement RCS but to no avail.


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