Chrome OS Flex aims to give your older laptops a new lease in life.

Chrome OS Flex

Google has recently launched a trial version of its Chromebook OS, dubbed ‘Chrome OS Flex’ to the public with the aim of replacing Windows and macOS on older computers.

Businesses, schools and individuals can try out the operating system for free. Chrome OS Flex is available on Google’s official website, with several instructions on how users could turn their old devices into Chromebooks.

Google says that the OS has the same structure and layout as Chrome OS and has the same code base. The only exception is that it doesn’t have Play Store and a few system-level limitations compared to native Google products running Chrome OS.

CloudReady was originally created by Neverware, who offered it as a way for users to turn their old PCs into machines running ChromeOS. Google says that a stable version is currently in the works and should be released in a few months.


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