Google Santa Tracker goes live

Google’s Santa Tracker app has gone live and is now available for those who want to check Santa’s movement across the globe.

The 18-year tradition continues, with children and parents able to catch the famous gift-giver as he journeys from the North Pole to deliver presents to kids. Santa’s Village is turned into an experience and can be viewed on Google’s official Santa Tracker website. Apple users can open a browser on their Mac, iPad or iPhone and open the webpage, and get a live view of Santa’s current location and where he’s heading next.

Google Santa Tracker

The site also shows a live video feed and an ETA, or estimated time of arrival per location.

The Santa webpage shows pictures of where Santa has been, a gift count and Santa’s distance from the visitor’s location. There are games, videos and creative activities for those who want to join the festivities and enjoy the holidays.