Google Stadia makes its way to iOS Safari

Google Stadia, a streaming game service from Google has ended its beta phase and has now officially launched in iOS thru the Safari web app.

Stadia was first introduced as a beta app for iPadOS and iOS. It allows for a premium, console gaming experience without having to purchase hardware, such as a gaming PC or a high end graphics card.

Google Stadia

Stadia has just exited the beta phase and is rolling out to iOS. The new version adds a feature of being able to adjust the resolution on mobile devices. Those interested must have a Stadia account and have their iPad or iPhone add the web app on their home screen.

After logging in users will be presented with the Stadia dashboard, where they can choose a game and play it with a Bluetooth controller or the Stadia controller. Touch controls are supported but users get better control and accuracy with a gamepad.