Google to launch ‘YouTube Playables’ game platform

YouTube users may soon be able to play mini games via mobile app or on a browser.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered a memo sent to YouTube employees, saying that a platform called ‘Playables’ is in the testing phase. As per the email, Playables will give ‘access to games on mobile and desktop devices.’ Other than the leaked email, there’s no information on when Playables will become available to the public.

YouTube Playables

There’s a chance that Google may not proceed with the launch. The company had a streaming game service before, Stadia, that collapsed only after a few years due to lack of effort and scalability. However, a spokesperson said that ‘gaming has long been a focus at YouTube’, with Playables being the latest effort in the niche.

Playables might join other gaming services such as Apple Arcade and Netflix, but only time can tell whether the push might be successful.