Google to release similar copy of Find My network

A new Google Play Services beta release points to a Find My network-esque platform that can be used to locate other devices.

Apple’s Find My network lets users track their lost items using a network of connected iPhones. Google may be trying to do the same thing, with clues pointing towards text strings that mention ‘Find My Device Network’ and ‘allows your phone to help locate your and other people’s devices’.

Currently Android users can download and make use of the Find My Device app for relocation purposes but it’s limited to Google accounts and not devices that pass by.

The new location tracking services may work similarly to Apple’s in that devices that pass by can report via pings where the lost item could be. One major difference is that Apple has the Ultra Wideband technology, while Google only has Bluetooth.

The location tracking service is yet to be announced and doesn’t have a launch date yet.

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