Google’s AR-Driven ‘Live View’ for iOS to launch in several cities

Google will be launching a new augmented reality feature for its Google Maps on iOS to help with visual search on the navigation platform.

‘Live View’ is set to be released for iOS, providing AR-based arrows and directions for users to get a sense of how far a destination is, as well as get intuitive help on where they should go. The feature can be accessed by going to Maps, tapping the camera icon and seeing areas of interest, from bars, ATMs, and shops, among others.


Key information will be presented via an overlay, such as ratings, price range, and if the establishment is open. Users can tap on categories and check which transit stations, parks, and restaurants are nearby. Google previewed Live View in September, and it seems that it’s ready. The AR feature will go live in Tokyo, San Francisco, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and London beginning next week.