Google’s New Pixelbook Hardware Is Coming Up Soon!

We’ve got news from 9to5Google about Google’s conference meeting. There was a lot of talk about the launching of a new device. It was heard in a conference that the new hardware will be more versatile and secure than previous devices of Google.

We couldn’t get detailed information about the specs of the upcoming device. According to Google Spokesman, they are not allowed to share the specifications of any device. However, on asking he didn’t deny and accept the news of the upcoming device.

Google Pixelbook

We can guess that the new hardware will be expensive, as Google’s previous products i.e Pixelbook and Pixel Slate were premium and high-cost.  

Let’s sit back and wait for the amazing device to appear on the tech market. Google never disappoints us with its releases and we hope that it will not disappoint us in future also.