Upgrade from a boring and standard keyboard to a mechanical and you’ll never go back. Today, the BlackWidow V3 Mini Wireless Keyboard is down to just $150 from its original price of $180 on Amazon.

Grab Razer’s Mini Mechanical Gaming Wireless Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are great for both work, play and everything in-between. Razer has a knack for producing excellent keyboard products, and the BlackWidow mini is no exception. It has the Green mechanical technology, which offers excellent tactile feedback and response on full-height keys made from doubleshot ABS keycaps. Labels won’t wear off soon even from everyday use, and the presses won’t get softer over time.

Wireless connectivity is handled via HyperSpeed wireless, USB-C or Bluetooth, which means you can use it on a laptop, game console or even your smartphone. A single full charge offers a long-lasting lifespan of up to 200 hours.

Grab the extra durable and premium gaming mechanical keyboard from Razer and save $30 today!


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