If you’re looking for a classy and portable Bluetooth keyboard you can bring with you, Satechi has just the thing. Today, the Satechi Slim X1 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard is down to just $59.99 from its original price of $70 on Amazon.

Grab Satechi’s Travel and Wireless Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard

Satechi’s X1 model sports an Apple-like shell and offers a minimalist yet responsive wireless keyboard experience. You’ll love the adjustable brightness backlit keys that make working or chatting in the dark viable. It’s also compact and ultra slim and fits virtually any setup you may have.

The X1 has macOS function keys and can be assigned to 3 devices at any time. You can pair it with your iPad, MacBook and iPhone and switch at a moment’s notice. Charging is a matter of using the included USB-C cable.

Satechi offers a quality slim portable keyboard for remote work and when you’re out and about. Buy the X1 Backlit Wireless Keyboard at $10 off today!


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