Grab the Apple Magic Trackpad at $17 Off

Have a Mac or iPad and missing a trackpad for it? Now is the perfect time to grab the official Magic Trackpad. Today, it’s down to just $112.20 from its original price of $129 on Amazon.

Apple’s trackpad device is like no other- you get a luxurious edge to edge glass surface for swiping and scrolling through websites and more. Sensors detect the amount of pressure you put in, which leads to interesting applications using creative software. Aside from Force Touch technology, the trackpad device also recognizes Multi-Touch gestures and auto-pair with your Mac.

Couple all those things with an incredible battery that can last for months, and a USB C to Lightning that lets you connect and charge it through your computer and the Magic Trackpad is pretty much a must-have. You can even use it on your iPad if needed.

Don’t hesitate- buy the $17 off Apple Magic Trackpad today!

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