Sometimes simply having a standard wireless charger is not enough. If you want something that can blend in with your office or home decor, consider the iOttie ION Fast Wireless Charging Kit. It’s down to just $21.19 from its original price of $25 on Amazon.

iOttie Wireless Fabric Fast Charger

The fabric wrap is easily the best feature in iOttie’s accessory, after the fast-charging capability. You can get up to 7.5W for your iPhone and 10W for Android, and it’s Qi-enabled for use on other devices. The whole bundle includes a cable and power adapter so you’re getting an all-in-one package right then and there.

The ION wireless charger works with nearly all smartphone cases for convenience and has an anti-slip ring so your device stays in place. Leave it on a desk or a side table and it adds a nice accent and texture to the theme.

Grab the iOttie ION Wireless Charger at nearly $4 off today!


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