Luxury brand Gucci has released a premium AirPods Max case with a $980 price tag.


Gucci’s case, titled ‘Ophidia case for AirPods Max’ is an alternative to Apple’s smart case and only available online. The case’s description reads ‘vintage and contemporary come together via archive design elements’. The inside has a ‘Hodiernum’ print, which means ‘belonging to the present day’.

The case has a snap button, leather details and a shoulder strap, and is made from green and sustainable materials. It has the same open canopy as with other AirPods Max accessories for carrying around.

It’s rare to see an accessory costing more than the product it carries, but the Gucci Ophidia Case is an exception to the rule. It carries a $980 price tag, which is $430 more than the $550 AirPods Max.

Gucci has an accessory for other headphones which costs $920 and can be bought on the official Gucci website as well.


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