Apple leakster Jon Prosser revealed on Twitter that Apple is set to release augmented reality (AR) glasses early next year. According to him, the company was actually aiming for a fall 2020 release of the AR glasses alongside the iPhone 12, however due to the pandemic, the plans have changed.

Gurman v Prosser: Debate on Apple AR glasses release!

While Prosser has an excellent record when reporting about Apple products, there is someone else who has an excellent record as well – Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The problem is that in the case of AR glasses, both of them offer drastically different points of view. According to Gurman, Apple is not planning to release AR glasses anytime next year.

Gurman adds that Prosser may have confused the Mixed Reality headset scheduled to release next year with the AR glasses. However, Prosser replied to the tweet by Gurman saying that he is not referring to the Mixed AR glasses but actual AR glasses which he thinks will release early next year for $499.

Prosser has leaked a lot of products in the past – including the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, the iPad Pro, and more. Gurman also has done some decent reporting but it’s different compared to Prosser who does proper “leaking”. It looks like we will have to side with Prosser on this one.

In a reply to one of Gurman’s tweets, Prosser said that he respects him and that makes it even better as at the end, one of them’s words will come true. Prosser ended his reply by saying “See you next year” – referring to release time of Apple’s AR glasses.

Prosser also added that Apple has been planning to unveil the AR glasses as “One More Thing” in Steve Jobs’ style. Jobs is famous for dropping new products at the end of the keynote after showcasing incremental updates to older products.


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