Hackers claim to have access to Hunter Biden’s iCloud account

A recent post on 4chan claims to have successfully hacked Hunter Biden’s account, and is now threatening to post photos and videos from the platform to the internet.

The claim has reached the attention of the US Secret Service, but there are several caveats to the situation. For one, it’s not clear as to how the login details were acquired or if Biden’s iCloud account was hacked at all. It’s worth noting that Hunter’s laptop was believed to have been stolen in 2020 but it wasn’t published on the news due to sufficient doubt.

Hunter Biden’s iCloud

NBC News reports that the Secret Service is ‘aware’ of the claim, with spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi saying that they’re not in a position to make public comments yet. However, the data obtained is believed to have come from the stolen laptop and confirmed that it belonged to Biden and company.

The Secret Service, FBI and Apple have not commented on the incident or report further.