Hacking contest awards $300K to iPhone 13 remote jailbreak researchers

A group of researchers recently claimed the top prize in an annual hacking contest in China.

The Pangu team bagged the top spot in the Tianfu Cup hacking contest by performing an iPhone 13 Pro jailbreak remotely. The iPhone 13 Pro was running iOS 15.

Pangu is a popular group whose claim to fame is jailbreaking Apple hardware. In the first day of the event the researchers were able to complete a remote jailbreak of the latest iPhone 13 Pro, earning them the top spot.

The iPhone 13 Pro had three prize tiers- remote code execution, RCE and sandbox escape and remote jailbreak worth $120k, $180k and $300k, respectively. The device is just one of several targets in the competition. Others include Google Chrome and Windows 10 on notebooks, a Mi 11 mobile phone, Synology NAS, MacBook Pro Safari and others.

Details of the remote hack are unlikely to be made public due to responsible disclosure policies.

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