Hacking iCloud security is possible says Pegasus developers

Israeli company NSO claims that it can acquire cloud-hosted data from Microsoft, Google, and Apple using the Pegasus malware.

NSO is advertising to various government customers that it can now extract more data about an individual in the device and information stored on servers that are owned by Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple.


With the recent hacking of WhatsApp, NSO vehemently states that their spyware services are only available for government use only. A spokesperson mentioned that the group does not cater or provide any hacking services to any infrastructure, service or cloud applications.

Hacking iCloud Security Method

For the hack to work, Pegasus must be installed via root access. Afterwards, the malware copies login information that’s used for cloud access, then it’s sent to organizations or the government. This system works on even the latest Android mobile phones and iPhones.

In response, Apple says that iOS is the ‘safest computing platform’ and that tools such as Pegasus are not useful for mass attacks on consumers.