Harry Styles gives away Apple ad fee to Ukraine refugee charity


Renowned artist Harry Styles is reported to donate all his ad fee to a humanitarian organization aiding Ukraine refugees.

Apple Ad

Styles recently appeared in an AirPods Pro ad that highlights Spatial Audio. The video, which appears on Apple’s official YouTube channel, is reminiscent of old iPod commercials and features Styles’ cameo and his music, ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’.

NME, a music publication, said that Harry has promptly donated the ad fee he received for appearing in video to IRC, or International Rescue Committee. The humanitarian aid organization has made efforts in helping Ukraine refugees who fled the country in light of the Russian invasion. It’s believed that there are now around six million refugees since February this year.

Apple has been involved with the Ukraine situation as well, with the company taking UNICEF donations to alleviate problems with the ongoing conflict.

Harry Styles’ ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ is part of his newest album, titled ‘Harry’s House’.

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