Hate Typing on Mini Keyboards? This Discounted and Portable Full-Sized Keyboard Could Be The Answer

Mini keyboards have their uses, but it’s best reserved for when you’re on the road and need to catch a deadline.

But what if there’s a portable keyboard that’s full-sized? Plugable’s solution is the Full-Size Folding Keyboard, which is now getting a $5 discount, bringing down the original price of $54.95 to just $49.95 on Amazon.

Plugable’s product is a full-sized keyboard that can be folded to produce a smaller footprint. You get standard-sized keys on a standard full layout, and wired or wireless options via USB cable or Bluetooth, respectively.

As for the typing experience, the Full-Size keyboard has large, well-spaced keys for a more accurate WPM and a scissors mechanism for an excellent tactile feel. It comes with a protective case, and the built-in battery easily lasts a week with a single full charge.

It’s the perfect travel companion with none of the finger cramp of smaller keyboards. Add the on-page coupon ASAP and get yourself a highly-rated keyboard today!

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