HBO Max to come with Ad-Supported version


AT&T has announced that it will have a cheaper version of HBO Max this coming June.


The exact date of release and details are not yet fully disclosed, but the move is expected to let the company compete with other streaming services for revenue and subscriber growth. HBO Max will be available in 60 regions outside the US, including European territories in Q3 and Q4 and 39 Caribbean and Latin America territories late June.

AT&T expects to have anywhere between 67 to 70 million subscribers by the end of 2021. At Q4 2020 the service has approximately 61 million customers. The company also expects revenue to double by 2026.

Warner Bros. is planning to release 17 movies to HBO Max, including ‘Dune’ and ‘The Matrix 4’, which now allows subscribers to watch them right in the comfort of their own home, although some critics say it hastens the demise of traditional movie theaters.

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