HealthKit integration may be coming to Spotify workout playlists

A code that allowed for HealthKit integration might be arriving on a future Spotify update.

The data collected from HealthKit can be potentially used to get recommendations based on the user’s workouts. Musical preferences also play a significant factor in generating playlists- according to an online tweet, it shows that Spotify will connect to the data from HealthKit to ‘get the right music for your workout’.


Some of the factors included are speed or pace, distance, and type of workout. For instance, a user might be running and want to have a playlist that can cover a 2-kilometer distance and at a fast pace.

There’s no exact date on when HealthKit integration will be released, although it’s believed to be released soon. Spotify has yet to comment on the discovery, nor has it mentioned any HealthKit integration feature.

Spotify costs $9.99 a month for Premium and allows up to six accounts.