HidrateSpark Smart Water bottles are now on Apple.com and in retail stores


Apple has two new Apple Health-related accessories from HidrateSpark on its Apple Stores and official website.

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottles

The two new accessories are the HidrateSpark PRO Steel and the HidrateSpark Pro Smart. Pro Steel is a 32 ounce, vacuum insulated water bottle with straw and chug lids. There’s an LED base that lights up and is customizable. The sensor also takes note of your water consumption and sends the data via Apple Health app and Bluetooth.

The Pro Smart is lighter and cheaper. It’s a 24-ounce bottle made from Tritan plastic. It has the same LED base that serves to light up and sense how much you’re drinking (and how much more you need to drink). Both bottles are BPA free, and the LED lights are rechargeable.

HidrateSpark Pro Steel is priced at $70 while the Pro Smart has a $60 price tag. Both join two of HidrateSpark’s offerings, the Hidrate Spark 3 and the HidrateSpark Steel.

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