High-Key Mono and Portrait Lighting Control Added to iOS 13 Beta 2


Apple promises a new Camera app feature in the form of High-Key Mono effect and Portrait Lighting Control in the iPhone’s Portrait Mode and app editing in Photos, respectively.

Portrait Lighthing Control iOS 13

High-Key Mono is a new Portrait Effect that places a monochromatic filter in Portrait mode. Also, iPhone users on iOS 13 beta 2 can now retroactively apply Portrait Mode effects to a captured photo and edit the image in terms of effect intensity via a slider. Portrait Lighting Control can be accessed when you go into your Photos app.

iOS 13 is currently in beta mode, where features such as the Portrait Control and High-Key Mono are being added.

Some notable changes include the following:

  • Apple Watching syncing with Screen Time settings.
  • New Apple Maps onboarding screens.
  • New Memojis, e.g., Victory, Shush, Crossed and Thinking.
  • Voice Control icon appearing on the iPhone’s upper left corner when using.
  • New Tapback sounds in Messages.
  • Updated CarPlay design and layout.

iOS 13 is set to be released this fall.

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