Apple publishes iOS 16.2 HomeKit troubleshooting guide

Apple today has uploaded a new support document telling users what they can do if their HomeKit is not working with iOS 16.2.

On an iPad or iPhone running iOS 16.2, Apple says that users may not be able to accept an invitation or access a home within the Home app. In this case, it’s recommended that users choose the ‘Remove Home’ option on homes that don’t have any connected devices. For homes that have accessories, users must contact Apple Support to get help.

iOS 16.2 HomeKit

After removing a home with no connected devices, the home owner and invited users’ devices must be restarted, which includes the HomePod and Apple TV devices. Pending invitations must be removed, then reinvited to control a home.

There have been issues with the introduction of a new architecture in iOS 16.2. Some concerns include missing devices, HomeKit accessories stuck in ‘configuring’ or ‘updating’, and non-working Secure Video.