Apple starts selling Eero Mesh WiFi products on its online store

In a blog post, eero announced that it will make a lineup of Mesh Wi-Fi products available on Apple’s online store. Now the customers can also buy eero products from Apple in the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, and Italy.

Apple now sells multiple eero products such as the Pro Mesh WI-Fi setups and the starting price is $300. The customers can now also buy a Pro Router and eero Pro Mesh WiFi Router. Apple sells the standard eero Mesh Wi-Fi router along with eero Beacon Mesh WiFi Range Extender and eero Mesh WiFi System.

Eero Mesh WiFi products

Eero mentioned in the blog post that it is exciting to know that by selling products on Apple it will bring in more customers. This announcement also comes with eero’s product’s compatibility with Apple HomeKit. The compatibility with HomeKit will serve as a key to the success of eero’s increasing product range of smart-home integrations.

Eero mentions in the blog post that with their TrueMesh technology the users will now get fast and reliable W-Fi for all the devices on the network.

Apple has been selling several network products of other companies such as AirPort, Linksys, and Netgear.