Get Philips 2-Bulb Hue HomeKit Starter Pack for Just $78

The 2-Bulb Starter Kit by Philips is getting a significant price drop today, down $77.93 from its usual price of $110 on Amazon. At its core, the Hue is a HomeKit, Alexa, Siri and Assistant-supported smart LED bulb that can change its color to fit your lighting needs, i.e., bright white for studying, yellow for sleeping or purple for parties.

Being Philips, you can expect the smart bulb to last a long, long time. The manufacturer claims that you can squeeze out 25,000 hours, or equivalent to 23 years of use with this product.

Philip's 2-Bulb Hue HomeKit

HomeKit Philips Bulb’s

To install, users can simply screw the bulb in and download the Philips Hue mobile app. It’s great for when you need smart lighting for your table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling fan lights, and overhead lights.

The package comes with two 60W, A19 color ambiance Star-certified smart bulbs. Grab one before the deal expires!