IKEA releases TRADFRI smart blinds HomeKit update

Furniture company IKEA has recently released an update for HomeKit users for its smart electric blinds FYRTUR, which is one of the many in IKEA’s TRADFRI smart home product lineup.

The TRADFRI gateway will have the 1.10.28 firmware update, which allows smart home products by IKEA to be added to the HomeKit platform. The update is being rolled out in the U.S., and users from other countries may not see it yet.

IKEA Releases TRADFRI Smart Blinds HomeKit Update

After the HomeKit integration, the FYRTUR smart blinds should show up in the user’s Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This gives the HomeKit user the ability to control the electric blinds via Siri or Home app, e.g., lower or raise the blinds. FYRTUR owners can also control the blinds via the IKEA Home or Google Home app.

IKEA’s smart electric blinds are priced $129 and up. Its smart lighting system, the TRADFRI gateway costs $35.