Kasa Smart Plug Mini from TP-Link Skips HomeKit Support

Chinese network product manufacturing company TP-Link has announced that they will not be getting HomeKit support for their Kasa Smart Plug Mini after all.

As explained on the company’s website, TP-Link states that their smart plug will no longer have support for Apple HomeKit due to roadmap changes. Still, TP-Link promises that they’re still committed to developing new and innovative smart home solutions for their customers.

Smart Plug Mini

This announcement breaks TP-Link’s promise to add HomeKit as a native support for the Kasa Smart Plug Mini in 2019. For those who have HomeKit and are looking for compatible devices, there are still plenty of choices, including ones from iHome, Wemo and Eve.

HomeKit support allows users to gain access to their smart devices and appliances that are plugged into smart hubs. Using an internet-connected smartphone and an app, you’ll be able to switch on or off lamps, TV, bulbs and other household objects.