LG’s UM7X TV Lineup Can Now Support HomeKit and AirPlay 2

Owners of LG’s 2019 Ultra HD UM7X TVs can now get the HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support by downloading the latest firmware update. Though slated for an October release, it looks like the software came out early.

AirPlay 2 allows users to stream movies and TV shows from a macOS or iOS device straight to the LG UHD TV without any set-top box. You can initially watch a movie on your iPhone, then AirPlay it to a TV seamlessly. Multiple audio playback of a single song can be enabled, e.g., having your TV, home audio and other AirPlay 2 devices blast the same song in sync.

LG's UM7X TV Lineup HomeKit AirPlay 2

AirPlay will be linked to HomeKit, which means that the TV will show up on the Home app in your Mac, iPad or iPhone. As such, you can use the device to turn the UHD TV off or on, adjust volume, change input and even have Siri take care of the commands.