Smartify Your Home with the Discounted Meross Dual Outlet HomeKit Smart Plug

Smart plugs that work with Apple HomeKit means you can automate and control essential appliances and electronics wirelessly. Today, the Meross Dual Outlet Smart Plug is down to just $11.99 from its original price of $17 on Amazon.

Turning a wall outlet or extension is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Dual Smart Outlet. Each outlet can hold up to two devices with a single on/off manual switch and independent controls using the Meross app. Setting it up to work with HomeKit is just a matter of connecting your Apple TV HD, 4K or HomePod as the control center. Once set up, you can use Siri or your Apple Watch to turn the connected device  or appliance on or off.

HomeKit Smart Plug

The Meross Smart Plug has timer and schedule functions, which means you can have the devices turn on or off automatically. This leads to energy efficiency and a lower bill. Buy the discounted HomeKit-supported smart outlet today!