Support for Yeelight HomeKit is Finally Here

Today, Yeelight is happy to announce that support for HomeKit is finally available after 8 months of work.

The company has also mentioned that their existing products will have HomeKit support via firmware updates. The three products are the Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus and the two Yeelight Smart Bulbs in Tunable White and Color.

Yeelight HomeKit

But not all users may be happy with the way HomeKit works, more specifically the Home app. It’s where people manage their smart home experience under one design choice. To some, the integration make for a lesser experience on a variety of HomeKit items.

The single-icon change may be neater, but it sacrifices the user’s ability to get information in one glance. Moreover, HomeKit camera sensors needlessly put the user through the wringer by having them complete several steps in the iOS 13, where there was none before in the iOS 12. We hope this could be streamlined in the near future.