Deezer now supports Siri on HomePod


The music streaming service Deezer has announced that it will now work on HomePod and HomePod mini. It basically means that HomePod and HomePod mini users will now be able to control Deezer via voice commands. The company says that it will now work for users with Premium, HiFi, Family, and Student plans.

Deezer now support HomePod's Siri commands

The new update will now allow all HomePod users to control Deezer using Siri commands. The new feature however does require that the user be running an iOS 14.3 or later device along with the latest software on the HomePod. Subscribers of Deezer’s music streaming service can now play from the humongous catalogue of 73 million songs on their HomePods.

Deezer’s Lossless audio via HomePod

“Our listeners don’t have to compromise on audio quality thanks to ‌HomePod‌. HiFi users can still enjoy all of their favorite tunes in true lossless audio,” said Deezer’s Director of Partnership Solutions Nicolas Pinoteau. “But, don’t worry, even if you don’t have HiFi, Deezer on Apple ‌HomePod‌ is the perfect at-home companion when you need to multitask or want to give your eyes and fingers a break.” 

HomePod mini
HomePod mini

Deezer has said that to enable this new feature, users will have to connect the HomePod with the service in the settings. The option will reportedly be found in the music streaming app itself. Also, Deezer adds that users can now set its streaming service as the default on the HomePod from the Home app.

Steps to set Deezer as the default music streaming service on the HomePod-

  1. Open the Home app on an iPhone or an iPad.
  2. Tap on the Home->Settings and then select your home (or the home that you wish to make changes to).
  3. Under the People section, select your name.
  4. Now select the Default Service under the option Media.
  5. Select Deezer as the default streaming service (in this case). Ofcourse, you can set any music streaming service as the default service.

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