Apple Introduces New Colors for HomePod Mini


Apple recently announced during its ‘Unleashed’ event that the HomePod mini will be gaining three new colors, namely blue, orange and yellow in November.

HomePod Mini

While the exact launch and availability date is unknown, regions such as India and Europe have narrowed it down to ‘late November’. Also, Apple’s online store mentioned that the blue, orange and yellow HomePod minis will be available to buy in India, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria and the UK on the aforementioned date.

Meanwhile, in regions such as the US, Taiwan, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia and Canada, availability is set at ‘November’.

Rumors are circulating that the new HomePod mini colors will be launched November 1, which is the same day as when the Beats Fit Pro will be released. The new color options will still have the same hardware specifications as its white and space gray colors, and will still be priced at $99 in the US.


Samantha Wiley

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