Music streaming service Deezer now supports HomePod integration

Deezer, a music streaming service has announced that HomePods will have native integration. When the device first came out only Apple Music users could use it to play music without having to resort to AirPlay.

Just last year, Apple decided to open the HomePod API so third party services could have integration. Through iOS 14.3, companies like Pandora were able to get in. However, Spotify expressed frustration over not being able to get into the HomePod ecosystem without having to adopt the API.


HomePod users can now choose Deezer as the default music provider. When this happens, the device will now open and stream music from Deezer instead of having to go through Apple Music.

Furthermore, Deezer says that HomePod can stream lossless, high quality music for HiFi subscribers. Right now the native support only applies to the service’s music but not live audio or podcasts.

Deezer users can download the Deezer app on their iPhone and update it to iOS 14.3 to enjoy the new feature.