Apple has released a new update for its HomePod mini and HomePod devices. iOS 14.2.1 is now live and available to download for HomePod and HomePod mini owners.

HomePod Mini and HomePod

iOS 14.2.1 improvements are locked in for the HomePod and HomePod mini only.

The release notes following the update are generic and says ‘general performance and stability improvements’. The file size is around 30mb and shows up when users get to the Home app and checks the HomePod settings.

New update for HomePod Mini and HomePod goes live

iOS 14.3 is getting ready to be launched and will have several features such as iPhone 12 ProRAW support, Apple Fitnes+ support, the ability to run iPhone home screen shortcuts and updates to the AirPods Studio headphones and AirTags.

HomePod is Apple’s smart speaker system and allows users to interact with Apple Music, Siri and others. It’s powered by the A8 chip and features a 4 inch woofer and 7 tweeter array. The HomePod mini offers the same technology in a smaller form factor.


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