New Zealand and Australia get new HomePod Mini colors


The orange, yellow and blue colorways for Apple’s smart speakers have appeared in the Australia and New Zealand regions.

HomePod Mini

Initially, the colors were made available in the US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China November 1 after its announcement during the October ‘Unleashed’ event. Apple’s smaller HomePod variant connects to Siri and iPhone and functions as a music playback device, speakerphone, smart home controller and voice assistant.

Those in Australia and New Zealand will now have five color options to choose from, which includes the Space Gray and White. This fulfills Apple’s promise to launch the product in 6 countries, then in the UK, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Germany, France, Australia and Austria.

The next appearance of the new colorways will seemingly be in Spain, as iSpazio mentioned that they might launch in Italy come Tuesday, although Apple’s regional website shows that it will be available by the end of November.


Samantha Wiley

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