Radio Station Support, Ambient Sounds Arriving to HomePod September 30

The HomePod product page was updated today, with a few new features thrown in.

HomePod will have the ability to access live radio stations via Siri controls starting September 30. The feature was announced during the June WWDC and implemented in Germany to a few users.

HomePod music handoff and multi-user support are planned, but they won’t be realized until fall. When the iOS 13 rolls out, Siri will be able to recognize different voices and queue up respective music on that individual’s HomePod profile. With the Handoff, any media that’s playing on the iPad or iPhone can be sent to HomePod.

Apple has announced the ‘Ambient Sounds’ feature as listed on Here, users will now be able to play relaxing sounds such as rainstorms, forest birds, ocean waves and more.

Though ambient noise playlists are available in Apple Music, the addition of the feature makes it easier to begin relaxing by streaming sounds via HomePod.

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