Spotify may gain HomePod support in iOS 14

It’s been rumored that Apple will be allowing third party music services such as Pandora and Spotify to be streamed to HomePod devices via Siri in future system updates. Currently, Spotify may only be played on HomePod via AirPlay.

Moreover, it’s been mentioned that Apple may be allowing Spotify to be set as the default player in iOS 14. If this is the case, users can now ask Siri to stream music on Spotify without having to specify which platform to use. Siri usually picks Apple Music as the default service for these types of requests.

Spotify May Gain HomePod Support in iOS 14

In 2019 an antitrust complaint was filed against Apple over ‘unfair practices’. Spotify mentioned lack of support on iOS devices and the HomePod. The Cupertino-based company has recently been under fire regarding how it runs App Store, and allowing third party apps to be used as default services can show the European Commission that Apple can play fair.