The next HomePod 2023 is Rumored to have these features

Apple is rumored to launch a new full-sized HomePod for 2023.

The original HomePod was discontinued back in March of 2021, citing an absence of features and lackluster sales compared to products from Google and Amazon. In its place was the HomePod mini, which was announced three years ago.

HomePod 2023

The HomePod mini had a $99 price tag and a smaller form factor, and enjoyed a moderate amount of success. Apple is poised to reintroduce a refreshed version of the HomePod, with several changes and features to the upcoming smart speaker.

Rumors have mentioned that the 2023 HomePod will have the U1 chip, a bigger touch interface, and faster software. It’s believed that the full-fledged smart speaker will have the S8 chip and a lower price tag to compete with those already in the market.

There’s no announcement yet from Apple as to when the HomePod will be released or available to the public.