Honda integrates CarPlay on Passport SUV lineup

Honda has made Apple’s CarPlay a standard feature in its 2021 Passport SUVs. Most of the models have a new audio system which makes use of the Cupertino-based company’s technology.

The 2021 Honda Passports have begun showing up on US dealerships, with the newest models having a Display Audio system for 2nd or higher tier ranges to support Android Auto and CarPlay. Other connectivity options such as wireless charging only becomes available on Elite trim models.

Honda integrates CarPlay on Passport SUV lineup

The 2021 Passport Honda include the Passport Elite, the Passport Touring for AWD and 2WD, and the Passport EX-L on for AWD and 2WD. The base configurations of the Passport Sport do not have CarPlay built in.

All Honda Passport models will have 9-speed automatic transmission and a 280HP V6 engine, among others. Pricing starts at around $32K for the Sport, $36K for the EX-L, $39K for the Touring and $43K for the Elite.