Millions of Facebook users are currently in search to know exactly how long will Facebook be down for. Sadly, there is no exact time frame for Facebook to get fixed.

How long will Facebook be down

How long will Facebook be down

As we write this article, the Facebook team is working on debugging the issue that has caused the social media giant to go offline worldwide.

Many employees have been locked out of their office after their networks have gone offline completely while some are working at Facebook’s data centre to restart their systems.

According to some reports, Facebook networks have gone offline from the internet and it may take many hours for them to get back online. How much longer? Well, no one knows for sure.

Here is a Tweet shared about the downtime by Facebook on Twitter:

Facebook isn’t the only website that’s down. Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp are all down as well. Therefore, it appears that Facebook’s complete networks are down as Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp are owned by them too.

It’s been almost 5 hours now that Facebook has gone offline globally. We at iLounge hope Facebook gets their services back online as billions of users have been disconnected from their friends and family.


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