Huawei CEO Lauds Apple For Its Privacy Practices


Ren Zhengfei, CEO and founder of Huawei, states that Apple is his role model when it comes to protecting user data and privacy.

Huawei CEO

In a CNBC interview, Zhengfei made mention that he would never provide the company’s user data to anyone, even the Chinese government. Historically, Apple has made its stand to protect the users, something that Huawei is looking to emulate.

Huawei’s CEO also stated that data is ultimately owned by the users and not the smartphone company. Carriers could track user in terms of phone calls and network usage, but equipment providers such as Huawei don’t have any part in that process.

Before, the Chinese firm was placed under US sanctions, but the ban is currently lifted and the company is now free to do business with US companies again. It’s still unclear though, whether they can continue using Google and Android services.

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