iCloud App for Windows Launched

Apple has released a new iCloud app for Windows in the Microsoft Store, which allows users to gain access to their iCloud content on Windows 10 PCs.

About the iCloud App for Windows

The iCloud app for Windows includes Safari Bookmarks, iCloud Photos, Contacts, iCloud Drive, Reminders, Calendar, and Mail, among others. Aside from uploading videos and photos in iCloud, the app allows for seamless access and sync on documents and files and using Shared Albums for allowed people. Users can also invite others to add comments or their own photos and videos.

iCloud for Windows
Image Credits: Microsoft

In a blog post by Microsoft, the company reveals that the Windows iCloud Drive is the same as what they use for their OneDrive Files cloud service. To get started, Apple users must have an existing iCloud account that’s set up on their device.

Those who have Windows 10 and are interested in getting the iCloud app can get it at the Microsoft Store for free.

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