iCloud for Windows users experience video and image bugs

iCloud for Windows users have reported video and photo anomalies when using the tool.

Videos recorded using an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro are coming up as black footage after having synced via iCloud for Windows. In some cases, the videos show up as corrupted and contain images from unknown origins. A few said that the photos they see are unrelated and come from random sources.


iCloud for Windows is a Windows app for synchronizing contacts, videos, photos, and more within the Apple ecosystem. It’s usually a reliable service but for some reason, users are experiencing syncing and video viewing issues lately.

The bug doesn’t seem to affect every iCloud for Windows user, and there isn’t any solid reason as to why it’s happening. Users have reported reinstalling iCloud for Windows, but this didn’t solve the concern. A report has been sent to Apple, but the company has not responded yet or issued a statement.